pet codes


Pebbles:( starter egg)

Mumbo: low light + medium temp

Weebo: medium light + warm temp

Jimbo: high light + medium temp

Tombo: low light + cool temp

Rumbo: high light + cool temp

Cosmos:(sunshine egg)

Rocki: low light + warm temp

Poofi: medium light + warm temp

Sparkli: medium light + medium temp

Charmi: low light + cool temp 

Beami: highest light + medium temp

Fairies (orange star egg)

Shylo – Cool Temp + Highest Light + Orange Star Egg

Halo – Warm Temp + High Light + Orange Star Egg

Mylo – Medium Temp + Low Light + Orange Star Egg

Ceelo – Cool Temp + Medium Light + Orange Star Egg

Lolo – Warm Temp + Highest Light + Orange Star Egg

Firepuffs ( fiery orange egg)

Punkie – Medium Temp + Highest Light 

Ashie – Warm Temp + Low Light 

Pixie – Warm Temp + High Light 

Scruffie – Cool Temp + High Light 

Fluffie – Medium Temp + Lowest Light 

Dinos (spotted egg)

Bubu- Cool Heat + Medium Light 

Tootsie- Medium Heat + Medium Light 

Chloe- Cool temp + Low Light 

Bello- Warm Temp + Lowest Light 

Bella- Warm temp + High light 

Cuddlies (olive egg)

Leefi- Cool Temp + Medium Light 

Kiki- Warm Temp + HIgh Light 

Zumi- Warm Temp + Lowest Light 

Feebi- Medium Temp + High Light 

Elli- Cold Temp + Lowest Light 

Jellies (cloudy sky egg)

Bloopi- Medium Temp + Low Light 

Razzle- Warm Temp + High Light 

Goober- Cold Temp + Low Light 

Jigglie- Medium Temp + Highest Light 

Peachfuzz- Warm Temp + Low Light 

Aeropuffs  (Purple Madness Egg)

Monko- Warm Temp + Lowest Light 

Turnip- Cold Temp + High Light 

Nana- Cool Temp + Lowest Light 

Spinner- Cool Temp + Highest Light 

Flora- Medium Temp + Medium Light 

The Barnacles  (Red Ribbon Egg)

Zuzu- Warm Temp + Highest Light 

Jombu- Hot Temp + Low Light 

Miku- Cool Temp + Lowest Light 

Chibu- Cold Temp + Highest Light 

Karu- Hot Temp + Highest Light 

Feathers  (Secret Lock Egg)

Minty – Lowest Light + Medium Temp 

Rakoon – Low Light + Warm Temp 

Lovely – Low Light + Cold Temp 

Puffy – Medium Light + Hot Temp 

Snowball – High Light + Cool Temp 

Frosties (Frosty Egg)

Shivers- Warm Temp + Medium Light 

Gilbert- Cold Temp + Medium Light 

Wally- Hot Temp + Highest Light 

Twinkle- Cool Temp + Low Light 

Beaker- Hot temp + Lowest light 

Ribbons ( Pointy Ribbon Egg)

Pogo- Medium Temp+ Low light 

Bobo- Cold Temp+ Low light 

Yoyo- Warm Temp+ Lowest light 

Robo- Cool Temp+ Medium light 

Jojo- Hot Temp+ Low light 

i really hope this helps!!!


29 responses to “pet codes

  1. xDD

    Your such a lifesaver!

  3. what about the frosty’s?

  4. awsome web u saved ma life xD

  5. u are asowme masha i want a wish awish for me iwanana do cheat

  6. suhweet u rlly hlpd meh i neva was into petz intill i found yuh web! 🙂 ;0 ;9 (;

  7. thanks! ^_^

  8. Haii thanks so much!! Not bad at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. thx sooooooooooo much i kept on doing one pet over and over until i found ur site thxxxxxxx soooooooooo much

  10. i love masha fantage!

  11. im about to hav a family! life sava

  12. thank u sooooo much

  13. wow, you have helped me so much! thank you!

  14. Your pet codes has helped me the most! I always come to your blog for pet codes. ALWAYS.

  15. Thanks so much! Your such a lifesaver! I finally finished all my pet families! Did you know your awesome? 😉

  16. OH THANK YOU! can you help me make a music video

  17. hey wazzap

  18. awsome website i got all the faries and cosmos with this site tank wooh! ❤

  19. The names Tutsiepie1234. I havent completed all of the pet families, just yet. All the websites i went to never even worked. So i came to this one. The eggs not hatched yet, but by reading the really good comments about ur blog i bet its gonna work, and if it does just wanna say thanx 😝 p.s stay COOL ova the summer..

  20. how bout holiday pets?

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